19 January 2016

Else Marie Pade RIP

One of the most adventurous electronic music pioneers... Brilliant mind-warping compositions, gone now too...

12 January 2016

Rewind 2015: Outtake 1 - Guilty Pleasures...

Grimes: accelerationist alternative pop for the 21st century?

Future: mouth music? Joan Barbara meets hiphop dadaist vocalisations?

11 January 2016

Obituaries: David Bowie, Lemmy, Pierre Boulez, Paul Bley

It is always saddening to see deaths even if it is of a natural and utterly human ones like old age and illness. The recent spate of deaths of musical pioneers across various musical fields in the past 14 days is sobering as we have to wake up to the fact that the passing, gradually, of a generation or two of musical spirits who marked a certain period(s) of time when musical and aesthetical innovations seemed like a norm and not just a nostalgic or hauntological trip of recent years.

Regardless, let us salute the following for their contributions to the wonderful worlds of music! I have listed, personally, some key works of the artists which, if you have not done so already, should check out.





29 December 2015


To me, this is the year of Industrial music past and present. First off, an excellent historical documentary on the previously under documented genre and scene. Then the reissue industry generated a welcomed slate of Coil re-issues via the Threshold Archives and more importantly Cold Spring released the final definitive version of the NIN associated Backwards album.

Nurse With Wound reissued the exotica-collage classic album of  The Sylvie And Babs Hi-Fi Companion by Dirter Promotions. Vinyl On Demand reissued the early works of Clock DVA and associated acts in a sumptious vinyl box set.

Australian group Severed Heads also received their share of reissues of their more dance-based output of the late 1980s.

How about the present?
Without waxing lyrical about the more apparent Industrial influenced electronic music scenes across the various sub-genres of non-rock milieu, this year witnessed excellent spread of releases which informed us that Industrial music is well and alive.

PAN: Helm, M.E.S.H., Acre & Filter Dread & Kamixlo


M.E.S.H. - Piteous Gate (PAN 66) -1500x1500



Editions Mego:  Thighpaulsandra, Anthony Child, Container, When

The Golden Communion

Electronic Recordings from Maui Jungle Vol. 1


The Black Death

Tri Angle: Lotic, Rabit, Roly Porter


5051083096744 t23893262300054

Roly porter third law

Posh Isolation: Damien Dubrovnik, Loke Rahbek & Puce Mary, Olymphia

Damien Dubrovnik "Vegas Fountain" LP


Olymphia "Music For a Dance Performance" LP

Old guards Carter Tutti unleashed their second bulletin of motorik noise blitz with Void from Factory Floor this year too.

 Shapednoise & The Sprawl


Besides the Industrial strain of things, here are the rest of the best: Deafheaven, two Keiji Haino releases, Bjork, Sunn0)))

Swans reissues:

Harbinger Sound: Sleaford Mods, Circuit Breaker, Consumer Electronics

16 November 2015

Rock Against Fundamentalism - Time for Us to Act

Anyone still remember Rock Against Racism back in the glorious punk/post-punk/reggae days of the late 1970s and early 1980s? A time of action, Action Time Vision qua Alternative TV?

The world is supposedly smaller but it seems to facilitate mindless narcissism, big corporate profit churning and of course, the epidemic of inhuman, cowardly and greed-driven fundamentalism. Back when members of National Front in the UK were roaming and terrorising the streets, the punk and reggae musicians and anyone with some base-lined conscience came together to raise awareness and fund against the neo-nazi skins, it reads like heady days for those who were not in Britain or were not even born then.

Rock Against Fundamentalism seems like a necessary and mandatory act today. As Stephen O'Malley of Sunn0))) and David Keenan of Volcanic Tongue said on their Twitter pages,

Not just in France, not just in the Middle East, in the USA but in Southeast Asia, in Australia, in fact the entire freaking world.

Rock on, and give the fundamentalists some Merzbow and Napalm Death!!