28 July 2009

New Noise Culture Magazine Launching Soon!

Just found out Harbinger Sound label is launching its inaugural issue of a new Noise Culture magazine called As Loud As Possible... Think its long overdue for such a rag. Check out news of the mag here.

The label will also be re-issuing the long deleted 6 cassette box set in CD from one of the most underrated English Power Electronics bands of the 1980s/1990s, Ramleh, entitled Awake!. Also check out The Wire magazine's recent article on the band (from July 2009) by David Keenan of Volcanic Tongue.

Other releases of note of the Noise/Post Industrial scenes in recent months:
Nurse With Wound - Surveillance Lounge
Current 93 - Aleph At Hallucinatory Mountain
Skullflower - Malediction
Various - Michigan
Wolf Eyes - Always Wrong

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