16 August 2009

Rashied Ali: R.I.P. - 1935 - 2009

Another month, another passing of another great musician/artist this year: Rashied Ali. One of the all-time greatest jazz drummers in the free jazz/post-free jazz era (1960s to now), he, together with Sunny Murray basically re-defined jazz drumming and push the power, passion, inter-play and energy of fire music/free jazz/ecstatic jazz to the outer limit without so much as looking backwards to wait for the rest of the world to catch up for the past four decades.

If you want to pay respect to this great man, check out these two albums: his all-time classic duo album with John Coltrane on "Interstellar Space" and his other duo album with Frank Lowe on "Duo Exchange". Both releases hold the world in hostage (if you are listening, that is) since the late 1960s/early 1970s. Buy the CDs and make sure great music continues instead of existing pathetically on some po-mo meaningless cyber-nothingness.

Find out more about him here. Others do a better job than me to eulogise and tell you much more about the man.

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