21 October 2009

Stop Press!!!

Have not been very motivated to write another new entry for the Noise Continuum series but two pieces of news caught my eyes so I thought I would like to share with you here.

First, David Keenan, the owner of the record shop based in Glasgow, Volcanic Tongue and the author of the book on Nurse With Wound, Coil and Current 93, "England's Hiddern Reverse", has decided to call it quits with his blog site, The Hidden Reverse, due to, according to him, other more important commitments as well as the heart for it. You can still go read some of his entries though, go to VT.

Secondly, a website specialising in distribution of magazines, Stack, has recently interviewed Tony Herrington, the don of the sainted alternative music rag, The Wire. He basically presented some insights about why the magazine is able to continue to thrive despite the current decline of music rags in today's world. Some of the factors he highlighted, perhaps will serve as inpetus for the rest of us out there to persist on as music fans, and more importantly, refusing to take whatever bullshit the mainstream culture industry is trying to shove down our throats in both blatant and insidious manners.

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