04 May 2010

Rowland S. Howard: R.I.P.

(24 October 1959 – 30 December 2009)

This is a bit late but Rowland S Howard had been one of the key guitarists since I set foot on the path of out rock exploration more than 15 years ago and his second band, the Birthday Party, has been one of those key nodes of my listening as well as my understanding of what real primal rock is all about. Together with Nick Cave, he was one of those trans-global musical icons who bridged New York sleazy downtown with London hidden subterranean all the back to their homeland, Australia. His post Birthday Party sojourn was closely related to the Queen of No Wave, Lydia Lunch on the two classic albums, Shotgun Wedding and Honeymoon In Red, which are scathingly confrontational and outlandish but pushing blues-based out-rock at the same time. He is to be greatly missed.

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