26 November 2010

R.I.P. Sleazy

It came as quite a shock when I went to Simon Reynolds' blog: his latest entry is a video of Coil and at the bottom, he wrote r.i.p. sleazy...

Sleazy, both as one of the founding members of Throbbing Gristle and Coil (with Balance who passed away a few years ago), had been one of the most influential figures in the alternative/underground/industrial/rave scenes for the past few decades. Coil and TG are two of the first few acts which re-wired my psychological, mental and musical paradigms, as well as urging me to constantly keep vigilant about my personal take and stand on culture, aesthetics and politics in general. May him and Balance rejoin in the after-world (if there is one). Their creation will, hopefully, continue to create, subvert and amuse us for a long time to come.

P.S. His death was confirmed to be 24 November 2010 in Bangkok, Thailand

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