14 November 2010

Some Thoughts on Reading the Acid Archives (2nd Ed.)...

Have been trawling through the massive tome of the record collectors' bible, The Acid Archives (2nd Ed.) and came to a few conclusions:

1. The guys back in the 1960s through to the early 1980s really love their music to go through the trouble of self financing the release of such gorgeous private press releases like Vulcan's Meet Your Ghost as compared to today's ease with PC/laptop recording software and simply uploading into the ether space

2. The never-say-die vinyl condition of the record as a format for not just the music but, the ideas behind the music (in the inserts, design of the sleeve and on the vinyl itself) and tactile relationship between the beholder and the object of art
3. And go get the book as you will not regret it; reading the book is like stepping into the multitude of Hakim Bey's Temporary Autonomous Zones, which in the 21st century is even more necessary than ever. A labour of love from the writers and the editor, Patrick Lundborg.

Don't wait too long as the stock is running low all over the world and you wont want to pay loads of cash for it later.

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Patrick said...

Good point about the vinyl format, it really is something special... the industry didn't understand their own format when they went with CDs, which will never have the subtle magic of an old LP... thanks for the interest in our book... it's sold out now, but more copies on the way for Xmas!

Stay high!