24 July 2014

Extreme Music & Gender issue - METALLLL.....!!!!

 Manowar promo photo Terrorizer

On the tiny republic I am on today, gender issues seem to one of the most hotly debated topics. For those of you who are not from here, we had a recent Pink Dot gathering which attracted tens of thousands of people, both straight and LGBT amongst its ranks, to show their support for the legalisation of certain un-natural private behaviours. In response to this, a counter-movement calling itself White Dot tried to uphold the status quo.

Then just a couple of weeks later, a couple of books became the spotlight. Two books allegedly promoting some form of LGBT behaviour have been pulled from the local government library shelves and they were supposed to be pulped by the authorities. A whirlwind of pro and anti activism swarmed the local press and events for days.

The following article is very appropriate for the above-mentioned hooha. It's published by the top extreme metal magazine, Terrorizer, on the issue of LGBT and extreme metal. Read and decide for yourself...


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