02 March 2015

Kickstarter Campaign for the Sound works of Harry Bertoia

Harry Bertoia was one of the most important sound artists and thinkers for the past 50 years. Key new and avantgarde American record label has embarked on a Kickstarter project with  the Harry Bertoia Foundation and the Bertoia Studio to transfer many of his works from tape to digital. A quote from another important artist says it all about Bertoia:

"Bertoia is an important example of early sound-art." Pauline Oliveros
Behind this dandelion are stacks of Sonambient LPs in boxes!

Please go HERE for more details. 

Bertoia's works are crucial in the understanding of the evolution of the fields of sound art, installation art and modern art. A more than worthwhile project which as many sound art, noise, music and modern art supporters and fans should involved in. 

The campaign ends next Wednesday, 11 March 2015, US time. 

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