16 November 2015

Rock Against Fundamentalism - Time for Us to Act

Anyone still remember Rock Against Racism back in the glorious punk/post-punk/reggae days of the late 1970s and early 1980s? A time of action, Action Time Vision qua Alternative TV?

The world is supposedly smaller but it seems to facilitate mindless narcissism, big corporate profit churning and of course, the epidemic of inhuman, cowardly and greed-driven fundamentalism. Back when members of National Front in the UK were roaming and terrorising the streets, the punk and reggae musicians and anyone with some base-lined conscience came together to raise awareness and fund against the neo-nazi skins, it reads like heady days for those who were not in Britain or were not even born then.

Rock Against Fundamentalism seems like a necessary and mandatory act today. As Stephen O'Malley of Sunn0))) and David Keenan of Volcanic Tongue said on their Twitter pages,

Not just in France, not just in the Middle East, in the USA but in Southeast Asia, in Australia, in fact the entire freaking world.

Rock on, and give the fundamentalists some Merzbow and Napalm Death!!

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