07 February 2010

Shizuka: R.I.P.

I am very sad to announce in this space that one of the greatest voices/group in not just Japanese psych rock, but the entire genre, has just left the building last Tuesday, 2nd Feb 2010. Miura Shizuka, the leader and vocalist of psych rock band, Shizuka, ,took her own life and thus ending one of the greatest modern psych rock unit in the past decade or so. The band can sound beautifully fragile one moment and can easily rev up and crank up the distortion meter and volume level the next, she and her band featured past members from Fushitsusha and Les Rallizes Denudes and had released one studio and three live albums of gorgeous psychedelic bliss. She will be greatly missed.

1 comment:

harold said...

beautiful music made in spite of the wretchedness of existence.......just that the existence got to her...RIP