07 October 2010

New Noise Magazine Update: As Loud As Possible

Yes I know I have put up an entry like almost a year ago about the impending publishing of Harbinger Sound's new print project, As Loud As Possible #1 but this time round it is confirmed: it will be out on the 22nd October 2010 to coincide with the, (gasp!), weekend of Los Angeles Free Music Society and friends' presence in London entitled The Lowest Form Of Music (22-24 Oct, if you are in London on those dates, i say GO FOR IT!). Yes I am a fan of these guys, see my earlier entry on them. Friends appearing with them include premier Japanese Noise acts, Incapacitants and Hijokaidan, two acts seriously influenced by the LAFMS guys. Edwin Pouncey a.k.a. Savage Pencil with others will ruminate and discuss about the importance of them too. This event is brought to you by Second Layer Records, As Loud As Possible magazine, The Wire magazine amongst a few others. So two events of utmost importance to look forward to this month...

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