05 October 2010

One Man Nation Unleashes His Noise On Vinyl

One Man Nation, a.k.a. Marc Chia, a rising Sound/Noise artist from Singapore has released a limited edition LP on Austrian record label, Moozak just. A double A side LP entitled, 'Suspended In A Vortex In The Middle Of A Bowl From Tibet/When I Was Young I Was Easily Amused, But Now It Is All, The Same And The Same...' which reminds me of Hermann Nitschean Action Theatre and Raymond Dijkstra's surrealistic sides from the samples on the label website. Marc's sound has definitely developed and matured into something of character and originality.

I still remember about 4 years ago, he played me a CDR of tracks which he had composed. The tunes might have sounded slightly derivative at parts but his raw passion and conviction shone through. Shortly after that he left for Europe for his pan-European gigging, squatter-punk style. Four years later and he has produced an LP of crackling beauty. He was also recently featured in music magazine, The Wire's Global Ear section (August 2010). Check him out.

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