14 October 2010

Strange Attractor Blitz: An Avalanche of Three Unpopular-Culture Books To Be Published Soon

One of my favourite publishing house and journals Strange Attractor will be unleashing three volumes of modern otherworldly scriptures: Volume 4 of the esteemed journal, an anthology of alternative film magazine and a biography of one of England's magickians from the last century, Austin Osman Spare.

Strange Attractor Volume 4 is as usual expected to be filled with papers and articles on esoterica of all sorts from science to literature to anything under the Sun while The End: An Electric Sheep Anthology focused on what the Electric Sheep magazine does best: offering in-depth critical but sometimes unorthodox insight essays on key alternative films and directors alike. The last title, Austin Osman Spare: The Life And Legend Of London's Lost Artiste, is a much needed biography on one of England's most enigmatic artistes of the spiritual and mystic kind. Often mentioned in the same breathe as Aleister Crowley, this volume should shed light on who he really is and presenting him as a unique, visionary and singular being. Can't wait.

Go to Strange Attractor Press News to find out more details and the Strange Attractor website for other information on the publishing house and the journal.

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