01 November 2010

Alan Moore's Underground Missives

Just read the first 2 issues of Alan Moore's Dodgem Logic magazine: a blast basically. This is his attempt with his comrades-in-arm to re-claim the Underground in the 21st century after the demise of such key 'undie' rags like International Times, Zap Comix and Oz. This is a continuation of his key ideas from "V From Vendetta" about hoisting and rallying under the black flag.

I love Moore's articles on the history of Anarchism and the Underground Press (which served as his raison d'etre for Dodgem Logic. I am waiting to start on issue 3 which has an article on the Decadent writers which should be good. Savage Pencil has two delicious cartoon strips in the 2 issues too. Go buy them now (issue 6 is out now) and hold something solid in your hands than just clicking and dragging, staring into the blinking screen 24/7...

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