05 October 2010

When You Are Hit By Da Brainbombs!

Brainbombs were and are still one of the most original 'rock' bands 'out there': the voice of the band is just one hell of a charmer in the sickest sense possible. An obscene mix of Bruce-Banner-turning-into-Hulk snarl with that perpetual lusty but yet loser-vibe grunt, which coupled with those psychopathic lyric sheet of theirs just made them more establishment shaking than most extreme metal and hardcore punk bands today.

They are from Sweden (coincidentally the home of one of the foundational nations of extreme metal which gave the world some of the top Death Metal, Grindcore, Melodic Death Metal and Black Metal acts for the past two decades plus)and, in my eyes, they rival Whitehouse in terms of their constant vitriol spit out at the straight-jacketed political-correctness of most so-called experimental/alternative/extreme/underground scenes. Closer to Sadean social psychosis, Decadent bodily horror and scene-setting of narrative as well as musical outre moves.

Listening to a Brainbombs CD/LP is like strapping yourself voluntarily for a tongue-in-cheek S & M ride down their typical three-line chants of scatology and sexual-fantasy-turn-Benny-Hill with a spot of masochistic posturing thrown in for additional laugh. And I have mentioned earlier in the title for this entry, they are da Bomb!

More about them can be found here.

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