23 March 2011

Sutcliffe Jugend in Singapore

Beginning with the signature WASP synthesizer wail, the two greying gentlemen (depending on your viewpoint on their political/cultural alignment via their lyrical content) began slowly swaying their bodies and regularly checking on their intstruments (from what I could see, a sampler, guitar, assorted electronic implements) and additively, layering of more and more sounds and tones. I was thinking in my head that finally, power electronics live on this island republic which is usually NOT associated with more extreme forms of musical expressions. The rest of the set was simply assault on the ears and the body as well as the audience could feel the low ends and high pitch tones wrapping around everyone there. It was so all-embracing that you had to give them their full attention and nothing less.

I spoke to the organisers behind the gig and they gleefully informed me that they might be bringing more Industrial/Noise/experimental acts like Sutcliffe Jugend to Singapore, like perhaps, Colin Potter or even Nurse With Wound? Well let's keep our fingers crossed and that  it all comes through. It is high time that this island republic is witnessing some righteous noise!

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