15 March 2011

Vomir New Release!

One of the key acts of the Wall Noise/HNW sub-genre, Vomir, has just released a CD, entitled, Apllication à Aphistemi. Unlike his last release on Crucial Blast's subsidiary label, Crucial Blaze, it is a proper CD release. Apparently the second track of the album sees a stylistic departure of Vomir's usual "wall-of-noise"/HNW sonic assault on the listeners. Good news, as it will be interesting to hear how it sounds like. HNW reminds me of extreme end of minimalism of Tony Conrad and Arnold Dreyblatt and Lou Reed's Metal Machine Music. Immersive and engulfing the listeners, HNW, though most likely a creative dead end soon, but it is an interesting sub-genre which has its unique appeal to drone fans too. I hear traces of my favourite drone artiste, Andrew Chalk, in Vomir most sublime moments (I could be wrong as I could be so deep into it that I was drawing invisible music similarity which might not be there, but nonetheless). Check it out...

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