26 March 2012

The Song Of The Brokenhearted Tiger - Folk Myth Story-telling meets Low-end Metallic Atmospherics

This should be interesting as it features Ho Tzu Nyen, taking the directorship of this multi-disciplinary presentation. It is starting next week in Singapore at the Esplanade, the details are all stated above. If you are in town, please do not miss it. The guys behind this are involved in the various music scenes locally like Dharma from The Observatory and George Chua the sound artist, along with Ray Aziz and Rizman Putra, are some of the main movers and shakers here. It promises doom metal and loud volumes so maybe we are expecting Sunn0)))-like bowel churning experiences? By the way it is too big for my blog to contain that it is spilling out to my right margin and so see you there anyway!

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