03 April 2012

One Man Nation & The Unifiedfield in Singapore - 5-7 April 2012

Singaporean artist, One Man Nation and his collective, The unitedfield, will be stationed at the Singapore Arts Museum from 5th to 7th April 2012. Details as followed:

The Unifiedfield is proud to present from the 05th to 07th of April 2012 at the Singapore Art Museum the following:

-VIDEOPERFORMANCE 01: a series of video-performances by Nerea Martínez de  Lecea, Marta Moreno Muñoz, Bean, Martha Atienza and Jennifer Campbell

-GUGGENHEIM: a video-performance by Marta Moreno Muñoz

-ONE MAN NATION: live sound performance at the opening (05th of April / 2000hrs)
-On the edge of art / Dangerous narratives and the DIY paradigm, a presentation by The Unifiedfield (05th of April / 1920hrs)
The opening of this exhibition is at 1900hrs on Thursday the 05th of April at the chapel of the Singapore Art Museum, this is followed by a presentation by The Unifiedfield at 1920hrs and a performance by One Man Nation at 2000hrs.

+ info: www.theunifiedfield.org

Do not miss it! It will be a blast for all!

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