23 January 2014

Best Reads in 2013

2013 was the year which took me through literally thousands of pages in print and online. This was due to the mammoth task of me researching and writing my Masters thesis on Merzbow, a.k.a. Masami Akita from a Art History/Sound Art angle, with emphasis on Asian aesthetics and Japanese culture. Being an effort on my part to fill in the gaps of the existing literature, online information and album liner notes on the icon of Japanese Noise and the Noise genre, it was an arduous but rewarding task at the end of the day. I hope I can share my blood, sweat and tears with the larger world soon.

Anyway, I read dozens of books related and not related to my thesis and I thought it will be great to share with you my top reads of the year. Pick them up if you can afford the time.

My Top Three:

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