20 January 2014

Sound: Lattitudes and Attitudes @ LaSalle College of the Arts - 7 February - 16 March 2014

This is one of the first comprehensive curatorial projects on Sound Art conducted in Singapore. An attempt to trace the roots of this most ephemeral form of art, the show aims to provide a sweeping survey of what Sound Art is all about locally up to this point. My involvement in this came in the shape of my role as the co-owner of the now-defunct record shop/event space Flux Us back in the mid-2000s. My partner and I sold CDs and vinyl of the more experimental types and we organised in-store gigs as well as concerts in venues like Victoria Theatre back in those good old days. So  we have contributed assorted artefacts for this show which included flyers, posters and etc. We are also featured in a videoed footage which witness us sharing our views on the history of sound art locally. Go here http://www.lasalle.edu.sg/Events/EventDetail/sound-latitudes-and-attitudes for more details.

Installations and performances by local renown artists like George Chua, Ang Song Ming, Zul Mahmod, Mohamad Riduan and many more. will be featured during the stint of the exhibition/show. Go check it out.

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