09 December 2014

Rewind 2014

Rewind 2014 took me awhile. I have been suffering from quite a bit of current music fatigue in terms of the contemporary state of questionable creativity and innovation in the sonic arts generally for the past 12 months. The sounds which spoke to me most, ironically, for the past 3-4 months have been albums from the 1980s and 1990s. Largely music from the American underground scenes of that said era. Amphetamine Reptile and Touch & Go are the two main ones, but Boner and Trance Syndicate albums are enthralling to me as well.

Reissues have been more intriguing for me comparatively. Is it just me or is it the state of music and the sonic arts this year? Well, perhaps you might be a better judge than me...

Anyway, my top 10 releases of 2014, across both catgories are:
1. Dave Philips- Homo Animalis
1. Rudolf Eb.er- Brainnectar
3. Junko- Noise of Voice
4. Fushitsusha - Nothing Changes/No One Can Change Anything/I Am Ever-Changing/Only You Can Change Yourself
5. Swans- To Be Kind
6. Scott Walker + SunnO)))- Scoused
7. Valero Tricoli- Miseri Lares
8. Skullflower- Draconis
9. Kevin Drumm/Jason Lescalleet- The Abyss
10. The Pop Group- Cabinet of Curiosities


Unwound - Rat Conspiracy & No Energy

Junko- Noise of Voice

 The Pop Group- Cabinet of Curiosities

Captain Beefheart- Sun Zoom Spark: 1970-1972

John Coltrane- Offering: Live At Temple University

13th Floor Elevators- Live Evolution Lost

Bobby Beausoleil- The Lucifer Rising Suite

Various- Tliltic Tlapoyalak: Black Twilight Circle Compilation

Pascal Comelade- Degeneration Electronics 1974-1983 & First Bel Canto

 Alien Brains- It's All History Now - Tape Works 1979-85

Robert Rich- Premonitions 1980-1985

 Techno Menses /K. Kusafuka-  Early 80's Minimal/Synth

Muslimgauze- Chasing The Shadow of Bryn Jones 1983-1988

Sunroof!- Rock Power

 Fushitsusha - Nothing Changes/No One Can Change Anything/I Am Ever-Changing/Only You Can Change Yourself

 Dave Philips - Homo Animalis


Rudolf Eb.er - Brainnectar


Sudden Infant - Wolfli's Nightmare

Skullflower- Draconis

Kevin Drumm/Json Lescalleet - The Abyss

Helm- The Hollow Organ

Bass Clef- Raven Yr Own Worl

 Valero Tricoli- Miseri Lares

 Beneath- Vobes

M.E.S.H.- Scythians


James Hoff- Blaster

Lee Gamble - Kuang

Lee Gamble- Koch

 Objekt- Flatland

Afrikan Sciences- Circuitous

Scott Walker + SunnO))) - Soused

Godflesh - Decline & Fall

Godflesh - A World Lit Only By Fire

The Bug - Angels And Devils

The Observatory - Oscilla

Chrome - Feel It Like A Scientist

Aphex Twin -Syro

Swans - To Be Kind

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Anonymous said...

Nice list. I admire your eclectic taste in music. That Fushitsusha 3-CD is great.