17 May 2015

Industrial Soundtrack For The Urban Decay Film in SINGAPORE on 20 June!!

I could not believe it when I was notified of the coming premiere of this highly anticipated documentary film from the two directors, Amélie Ravalec & Travis Colin. I fitst mentioned this in one of my earlier blogs last year and as I was following enviously the various screenings taking place in the UK and the USA plus some other European cities, I was consoling myself that I just have to be contented in the near future to catch it on DVD after the film has done its tour across the globe.

The screening in Singapore will take place on 20 June, Saturday evening at Kilo, Bugis. Go catch it as it will be pretty mandatory viewing for all Industrial, EBM, Power Electronics and Noise fans. Actually anyone who is an adventurous listener should not miss it. So punks, metalheads, ravers, jazzers and modern composition nerds should go too.

I still have to wait for the DVD to be released  to watch it though. I will be out of town that weekend. So enjoy yourself that evening guys.

For details for the Singapore cum Asian premiere screening, go here.

Go here for the website and facebook page.

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