07 May 2015

Sleaford Mods New Album &... the UK General Elections 2015


My two-cent's worth on Sleaford Mods's first track off the upcoming album for 2015, "Key Markets",  plus their thoughts on the state of British politics vis-a-vis the General Elections unveiling in the UK right now...

Their new track, No Ones Bothered

Their thoughts, here at NME.

I rather like the new track... however it sounds more post-punk than previous albums mix of UK Grime and Mark E. Smith rantings. In other words, a credible move ahead.

Kudos to Harbinger Sound for another winner in their ever expanding catalogue of great to classic albums. If you like this, you may want to check out Harbinger Sound's other releases, but I have to forewarn you that their other releases are as diverse as the population demographics of the UK today - Rich, varied but rewarding.

By the way, go here to check out the latest update on the results of the UK GE 2015.

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