01 September 2015

Hardcore, You Know the Score! XIBALBA & BIRDS IN ROW in Singapore 13 Sep 2015


This island republic will be assaulted sonically by two of the most exciting Hardcore inspired bands, Xibalba, on Southern Lord Records (Owner is the dude who is one half of the mighty SUNNO)))))))...) and Birds In Row, which is on Deathwish Inc. (Owned by someone who is in the mighty Converge). Crushing riffs, plummeting rhythmic kicks and thunderous low-end and killer breakdowns. Yes, I know, I am sounding like one of those hardcore kids waxing lyrical about their favourite hardcore punk/deathcore/whatever core of the month bands. But the bands are THAT good...
But more relevantly, the heavy sounds of these bands will help relieve a bit of the usual cold disappointment after Singapore General Elections 2015 on 11 September 2015... with some political righteousness and some American mysticism...

Venue: Aliwal Arts Centre
Day/Date: Sunday, 13 Sept 2015
Time: Door opens at 6.00pm and should end by around 11pm

More details here.

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