29 June 2017

Wormrot... Blasting around the Globe

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The band that finally does Singapore proud? First SG act to appear at one of the biggest music festivals in the world, Glastonbury? Ironic that it takes an underground, alternative band to achieve that when slam dancing, the hyper-energetic outburst inspired by music like this, was banned on the island like 24 years ago?

Grindcore with a punk rock swagger underlining the trio gives the band the extra ummmph to their music. A music genre which started with hardcore punk, crust punk, anarcho-punk and a good dash of metallic-ism thrown in will never be recognised as apathetic, bland mainstream concoctions. Hope they will be around long.

Go here to see a video posted by their record label, Earache Records... yes, that Earache Records...

Image result for wormrot

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