23 January 2014

PSF Modern Music Record Shop CLosing Down... Appeal for Help!!!

Just in: Legendary Japanese independent record shop, PSF Modern Music is closing down in March this year. They are now appealing for financial help. It will be a pity if it is down coming March. Go to here if you want to contribute. Without this label and shop we would have lost out on Keiji Haino/Fushitsusha, High Rise, Acid Mothers Temple, Ghost and a whole load of other stellar Japanese underground gems for the past 30 years.

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Anonymous said...

seems like a bunch of foreign distributors - like one in the UK who handled psf records - amassed a huge pile up of unpaid bills - which resulted in Modern Music to close its doors. Till this day, debts remain unsettled and calls to pay their bills fall on deaf men's ears. A true shame!!!!! We all know who you are!!!!